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Pracownia Rzemieślnicza Silesia Castings
Thank you for visiting Silesia Castings Online!  Our hours are 9am - 5pm GMT, Monday through Friday. 

Silesia Castings strives to be the artists’ source for all objects cast or fabricated in metal, embracing all the tasks necessary and appropriate to fulfill that aspiration, including enlarging, mold making, structural and metallurgical engineering, repairs, restoration and consummate craftsmanship. We aspire to excellence in the delivery of technology and manufacturing services, always trying to make the newest art with the latest technology. To achieve this goal, we partner with our suppliers to combine cutting edge technology with old world craft and tradition, endeavoring to give artists satisfaction and seeking continuous improvement in our employee’s skills and craftsmanship.

We will respond quickly to after-hours messages the next business day.  If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact us by any of the methods below.

Silesia Castings Workshop
41-800 Zabrze
ul. Wolności 318

Mobile: +48 665 234 048